12 August 2006

carried away

It's a surplus of bags around here lately. I guess two counts as a surplus because I am a purse-fiend and I already have more than I need. Can't carry more than one at a time, right? Or, at least, shouldn't!

So, Bag One, the infamous blue thing:
vintage paisley pleats

So this is from this Craftster tutorial. The inside is lined with bright yellow gingham. For a first time pleating project I think this turned out pretty okay. The mouth is a little narrow, but the overall shape/size fit under my arm in a pleasing way. So, yay.

Bag Two is a gift. Remember the stash donation of reproduction Revolutionary War fabrics? Well, it was a very generous donation, and I felt the least I could do was make the donor (one of my coworkers) something in return. She had told me that she had purchased the fabrics and the services of a quiltmaker over eBay, because she isn't too crafty herself. Some of the remnants were leftover quilt squares, and there were six squares of one pattern in particular that was her favorite, an ivory/cream with a print of green and pink flowers. I decided to use those patches as the focus in a patchwork bag with a shape similar to a bag of my own (this one, except mine is reddish and has a painted wooden button rather than a tassel) that my coworker had admired. Here's what I came up with:
patchwork bag-long strap
This pattern also came from a Craftster tutorial. The strap is adjustable:
patchwork bag-short strap
The whole bag is reversible, too, which is a nice option for patchwork because sometimes you don't want to go somewhere with a big hippie-ish patchwork bag. (My bag is bigger than the one in the tutorial; the strap is 48 inches long and the dimensions of the bag itself are about 16 inches by 13 inches.) There are no inside pockets (which might be a pain, but the bag was so simple overall I didn't want to clutter it up), but I did make a teeny tiny card pouch out of some remaining patches. I didn't get a big picture of the pouch, but to make it I used some very (ridiculously) simple Seminole patchwork, and then embellished the closure with a super cute chick button:
patchwork pouch detail
This coordinates with two other buttons sewn onto the non-tied end of the purse strap:
patchwork bag-detail
I don't know if my coworker likes chickens but how could you resist these adorable little things?
Well, that's all I've been up to lately. So what have you been doing?