26 July 2006


So...hot...can't move without sweating. Can't think without getting brain cramp. Can't craft, supplies become grody and sticky. Can only...faff about on the computer...

The Ceremonial Sharing of Random Bookmarked Pages with The Blog Readership

Cherry Coffee Cake recipe from Creampuffs in Venice

Drool. Cherries. Coffeecake. If only it wasn't hot enough to bake this out on the stoop.

Portrait of a Textile Worker by Terese Agnew
Humbling. Moving. Thought-provoking. A little bit confrontational. All the things art should be.

Water Bottle Holder from Pink Chalk Studio
Wow! This will be a perfect present for lots of people I know! I am loving Whipup and Whiplash, they are such great resources.


Head Huggers
I've got 3 hats knit already to send to this charity, but the heat is taking a toll on my knitting. However I've got a bunch of flannel that might make great baby hats, too.

Jeans into skirt Tutorial from Savvy Seams
The perfect thing for hot days? I am envisioning a cute knee-length skirt with a little contrasting cotton ruffle at the hem, although I like the punk rawk look you get unhemmed.

So this isn't text only, here's some weird blue retro paisely thing I am working on:
blue thing
The fabric is from a very generous stash donation I recently received. Sedate cottons, wacky poly blends, small scraps, hefty yardage, unknown fibers...it was a very interesting stash infusion with which I am still coming to terms. It was followed, quite unexpectedly, by another generous donation, this one of all (a moment of awed silence here) reproduction Revolutionary War prints. They are b eautiful and mind-boggling, and demand I get better at sewing straightish lines. Anyway, what is this blue thing with the pleats? I'll tell ya later.

Finally...something I could have used after last weekend's adventures in New York City:

Pepto Bismol Ice Cream
Via MAKE:Blog