23 April 2006

while you're over there in no man's land...

So yesterday the knitgroup was winding down, there were just two of us left in a drafty little corner at Wegmans. A woman approached (if you KIP, this probably happens to you a lot. People come near, fascinated by those pointy sticks and that yarn and what you are doing with them. A lot of times they are children, completely baffled. A lot of times they are older women who gave it up, and they have stories.)

"I don't know if you'd be interested," she said, holding out a flyer. "But I saw you were knitting and thought I'd ask."


The flyer was for a group that knits specifically for veterans. She said the items that are most needed are stoma bibs, warm hats, blankets, colostomy bag covers, socks, mittens, and suchlike. The items are donated to the local VA, and passed on to hospitalized, homeless, and other needy veterans.

It's the least we can do, right? No matter our feelings about the war, we can help those who have been involved in it. I wrote down her email address, if you want it, let me know. If you're not in the Syracuse area, here's a link to find your local VA hospital. (Also? Hi!)

This got me thinking (and Googling) a great deal about charity knitting. Afghans for Afghans (itself worth investigating in your search for a charitable organization) tells us a little bit about the Red Cross' knitting tradition. Do you know anyone who learned how to knit because of the "war effort?" Do you know any recipients of charity knitting, or have you been a recipient yourself? I'd love to hear any stories from people on all sides of the issue, or if you have a favorite charity/pattern/etc. As shallow as it makes me sound, I have to admit that just finding out what a "stoma bib" is for helped really crystalized what a lot of veterans have sacrificed so I can sit here, safe at home, updating my blog and holding down the couch like it was my job.

Anacleta's Knitting For A Better World Page includes tons of links on charity knitting.


(Images in this post are from Knits N Bytes' War Knitting Page.)

06 April 2006

short-attention-span crafting

First and foremost, check out these stitch markers I picked up from Bean at a craft show the other day.
bean's stitch markers
Aren't they lovely? I've just been using loops of contrast yarn for stitch markers, now I get to use jewelry.

Ooh and ahh at the wonder of the pre-school level crafting:
cat stuff
It's just felt sloppily mod-podged onto a chopped in half hot cocoa mix canister. I was bored and I needed somewhere to stash the cat comb and nail clippers etc etc. The mouse is in leftover LB Landscapes, from a popular pattern. The cat felted it with her tongue.

This purse really did not want to have its picture taken, hence the crappy hung-on-the-doorknob shot.
spring bag
This was flung together willy-nilly with no pattern at all, from things I picked up for pennies at a Joann's that was closing down. The whole thing cost about five dollars...and it kind of shows. I do like the colors, though. And it's the perfect size to carry small projects like..

Intersecting socks:
perpendicular socks
Pattern loosely based on this one. Stripes based on my own whimsy. I like the vertical ribs and the horizontal stripes together. Fantastical people in the background are from an old book (1949 edition, volume 2, "Invention and Industry) which is great fun to leaf through.

Then there are these yummy pizza biscuits, which in macro mode look like the surface of the moon:
glamorous pizza biscuits
Recipe? Crescent roll dough + bit of tomato sauce + some shreds of parm/romano + pepperoni + oven = mmmmm.

Finally (at last) here's this garter belt:
sewing machine garter belt
What, you thought it was for a person? Bah. Doesn't it make the sewing machine sex-ay? Anyway, it's just a little prototype for a handy pincushion, as I'm constantly dropping pins on the floor.

Oh, I better go get some coffee. I clearly need to focus more before I go to work!