19 March 2006

wheat kings and pretty things

Actually, more like wee things. Or, just one wee thing. A sweater, specifically:
wee sweater
This would be a Jane Doe Sweater in good ol' LB Wool-Ease. The color is something like Rose Heather...definitely some stashbusting going on around here lately. Mods to the pattern were to use just size 9s instead of switching between 8s and 10s, and I reworked the lace pattern in the back to something I found more manageable than what the directions called for. This would look really cute with a little ribbon woven through it, I think.
back of wee sweater
I don't know any babies, nor anyone who's going to have one anytime soon, so I knit this sweater mainly as practice. I've never knit an adult-sized one, and I figured a baby sweater would give me a better understanding of raglans and buttons bands and various other sweater logistics.
button band
Final thoughts: a fun, quick project that may have induced ovulation with its cuteness. I have tons of yarn that would be fun to make into lots of adorable sweaters for the children's hospital or other charities.

Some sidebar-cleaning going on, in honor of spring. Some new blogs have been linked, including that of my cousin Kim, who has made her first foray into the blog world by following in the footsteps of those who have gone before her by posting a picture of her cat. Kim makes fabulous cakes and other wickedly delicious treats, I can't wait for some pictures of them!

...and now I'm hungry!

(Oh, and the title comes from here. Best part about that link? The "related tabs.")

09 March 2006

circle the bandwagons

Inspired by Bean and the crafty folks at, um, Craftster, I jumped on the knitting needle case bandwagon. Here's my version:
everything in its place
Hey, that picture's pretty tiny. Oops. Anyway, I used pinks and greens, including the green-and-white print that you see in the header. It's not a very big case, maybe 16 inches square. I don't have the biggest needle collection so at the moment it's enough. Here it is all rolled up:
needle burrito
I'm not sure exactly how the closure is supposed to work. I just wrapped a ribbon around it. How did you do yours, Bean?

In other, extremely random crafty news, I've been cruising a lot of food blogs lately, and discovered a great one, Mahanandi, mainly dedicated to Indian food, which I love. Today I tried a modified version of a recipe for stuffed baby portobello mushrooms that she posted on her site.
stuffed baby portobellas
Very good! I used carrots, red peppers and garlic as the veggies, and Swiss as the cheese. On a bed of yummy basmati rice and peas, this was very filling, not to mention easy to prepare. Highly recommended!