16 February 2006

la grenouille

To frog or not to frog, that is the question.


So I'm kind of not liking this sweater too much anymore. All I've cast on is about fifteen inches in an open box pattern (think that's what it's called), but I have a feeling that once I put on the sweater I will look like a dirty polar bear. The yarn is really wonderful stuff, Patons Divine, but I think I could something better or more useful with it.
But what?
A little Googling has drummed up some ideas:

  • Swamp Witch from The Anticraft

  • a flower-and-fanny (heh) throw (picture here; pattern here [.txt file])

  • lots of people have used it for the Paris Loop cape-thingy from Knitty, but on me, again, that would lead to the dirty polar bear thing

  • the stuff I have is the wrong color, but somebody did one of these

  • how about a Mr. Bean Style Teddy bear

  • also maybe leg/armwarmers? a hat/scarf combo to gift away (me, match? never)

The yarn is crazysoft, and I have five or six skeins, so there are lots of possibilities. Thoughts?


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