06 February 2006

k is for knitting!

Let's just get things started here...
So a couple weeks ago I was visiting my grandmother, and I got out my knitting while we chatted. I was working on a Coronet, which is small and portable, and I mentioned I wanted to get into more sock knitting, to benefit my attention span. Gram went to her craft cabinet and got out two well-used pamphlets. One was the little booklet she used to teach herself to knit from (copyright 1951) and the other was a sock booklet (copyright 1941). I fell instantly in love with the argyle ankle socks I found inside, and when I found out a LYS nearby was going out of business, I ran over there and picked up some Baby Ull for super cheap. Argyles, here I come!

So those colors aren't especially accurate. In real life, the pink and green are almost obnoxious. These are going to be the most preppie socks ever. I also love the retro illustrations and directions in these books, they are very charming. My gram needs these books back pronto because she still refers to them often. She also showed me the sweater she started knitting for my father for his 5th birthday: a cardigan from a Mary Maxim kit (the acrylic yarns still as bright today as they were in 1951) that has a deer going across the back. So adorable! (We were celebrating my dad's 60th birthday that weekend, so I don't think it will fit him, should she finish it someday.)

Here's the finished Coronet. I have what the cool kids call "a big ol' head," so it's a little too small for me. A bigger version in teal has been started and is all nuzzled up close in the picture.

Because everyone has asked, the yarn is...well I don't know what it is. Some kind of Lion Brand acrylic and mohair combo that I bought years ago, and which I think is discontinued. It's comfy and warm and yay for stashbusting!

The next craft adventure was Kool Aid dying.

Those colors are fairly accurate. I did it all kind of half-assedly, but I like how they came out. I'm gonna do more, because I have a ton of the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool lying around. Someday I'd like to attempt the French Market Bag from Knitty, and maybe some odds and ends of wool in weird colors would add some jazz hands to it.

Five minutes after the previous picture was taken, I took this one:

One minute later, I took this one:

What's a knitblog without cat photos, right?

Good luck to all the Olympic knitters out there! I'll be spectacting with Coronet #2, and lots of chocolate.


At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Susan said...

Welcome back to blogland! Love those sock colors, they will be such fun to work with!

At 4:06 PM, Blogger ErLeCa said...

Oh yeah, I'm going to be a spectator too. I have no time to be an athlete for the knitting Olympics.

Awesome coronet. I love the cabled rim. It looks so good!

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Bean said...

Welcome back! You have been missed!


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