30 December 2005

me tired, you jane

It's been a long couple weeks. The craftiest thing I've done in a while has been refilling the windshield washer fluid reservoir on the car. I know, I know, that's so crafty you're all just absolutely flabbergasted.

Anyway. A brief roundup:

In the past six weeks I:

Went to Los Angeles...
golden smog
...where I was reunited with my best friend, who I hadn't seen in two years. We had five days and crammed everything we possibly could into them, like going to the IMAX premiere of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Puberty" (waiting in line for three hours, me jetlagged as all get out, surrounded by teenagers dressed like Slytherins and hopped up on the Starbucks and watching bootlegs of the movie on their iBooks. Their drool-inducing, shiny new iBooks. Ahem. Many many handmade Hogwarts scarves were seen. There were even some being knit as we all waited to be let inside).

We also saw this famous star's spot on the Walk of Fame:
martin lawrence

We traveled through the dangerous desert to reach Las Vegas, where I took this picture after sitting at the slot machines long enough to get perhaps too many free drinks (we had an awesome cocktail waitress; if you're ever at the Mirage, ask for Elvira; she gave us shots the size of small guinea pigs, and then brought us bottles of water so we wouldn't get dehydrated, and then reassured us that the seals on thewater bottles had been broken by the bartender, not by some crazy guy trying to slip us roofies):
because what vegas needs...

We stayed at the Luxor, perhaps the most ghetto-fabulous of Las Vegas casinos:
So our room was inside the pyramid. To get there you have to ride in an "inclinator," which is a fancy term for "elevator that travels at an angle just wonky enough to make you want to vomit even when you are no drunk, and when you are drunk, makes you feel as though the pink elephants are stomping on your intestines. Thanks, crazy hotel designers!

Anyway. Vegas in a nutshell: a lot of walking, a lot of alcohol, a lot of food, a lot of traffic, a lot of fun.

When I came back, it was Thanksgiving: a lot of food, moderate amounts of alcohol.

A week after that, I decided it was time to get my crap together and take a step down a new path. Two weeks later I took the GRE. (FUN. SO MUCH FUN I CAN ONLY EXPRESS MYSELF IN CAPITAL LETTERS. AHHHHHHHRRRRRRGH. FUN!) At any rate, I'm looking to start classes in a year's time, and to be paying off loans until the world runs out of oil and reverts to using rocks with holes in them as money, and I have to haul around my loan payments in a giant wheelbarrow.

Then it was Christmas. This year we decided to cancel presents among the family and just make food, so we all enjoyed getting fat and sassy together. Then we took all the money we would have spent on presents and eded up donating it to Heifer International, so I got to tell everyone that I got a water buffalo for Christmas. Rock on!

Phew. So here's something crafty. The mom of the friend I went to visit in LA shared this with me, it might be Martha Stewartian in origin or from some other lifestyle diva, I dunno.

To make El Cheapo Grande Hand Scrub mix together one container of ultra gentle gel- or cream-type cleanser and some granulated sugar or coarse salt until the consistency is like that of your average over-the-counter exfoliating product. Keep in a jar by the sink and use whenever your hands are feeling crusty/crappy/chapped/some other adjective that starts with a "c". This stuff works like a charm and LASTS, too. And did I mention cheap?

Happy New Year everybody! May it bring you loads of joy and happiness!