06 November 2005

gratuitous cuteness

can you find the cat in this picture?

find the cat

hah! told you it was gratuitous!

anyway, i'm procrastinating from novel-writing (the procrastinating is so bad that i am actually going to go WASH DISHES after this, rather than go back to writing) so here's another recipe:

Hazelnut-Honey Baked Squash (serves 6)

3 medium sized acorn squash
1 cup water
6 Tbsp honey
6 tsp hazelnut butter
ground dried allspice

-Preheat oven to 350 F.
-Cut squash in half; remove seeds/stems. Pour water into baking dish; place in squash halves, cut side down, bake about 30 minuites, until squash starts to feel soft.
-Turn squash over; fill each cavity with 1 Tbsp honey and 1 tsp honey; spread over the top too. Sprinkle with spice and salt/pepper, if desired. Bake 30-40 minutes more until glazed.

so simple and so good! hazelnut butter is expensive but hey, the holidays are coming up, go for it. this recipe is originally from Spirit of the Harvest: North American Indian Cooking, by Beverly Cox & Martin Jacobs, published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, NYC, 1991

finally, i gotta share my latest addiciton: free audiobooks! they're so awesome, it's like having a bedtime story whenever you want! plus you get to hear all sorts of different voices and accents and reading styles. the most comprehensive site i've found so far is LibriVox, and they have a great selection of links there, too.

why, hello, sink full of dishes...come here often?