03 May 2005

in which organization is updated

-granola bars: basically i just mixed a whole buncha stuff from the wegmans bulk bin together and baked it at about 325 for, i dunno, 20-25 minutes. stuff in this case would be oats, wheat bran, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, applesauce, strawberry yogurt, and maple syrup. hmm, kinda sounds like an odd mixture, right? but it was what i had on hand and it didn't turn out half bad. very...substantial. and filling. note to self: ground flax seeds are probably far less likely to wedge themselves in your teeth like the husk from a popcorn kernel. no idea what the nutrition workup on those things would be, anyone know how i could find out?

somehow this segues neatly into

-the garden: so. i started a bunch of seeds, and i set the pots on the windowsill of this particular, peculiar window in my kitchen. this is a window that tilts in, and has a latch at the top. the windowsill is at about eye level, and since the window faces south it gets oodles of light. good place for new plants, right? right. until, that is, a freak gust of wind BLOWS THE WINDOW OPEN. at six o'clock in the morning. helluva alarm clock. so i cleaned that up (fortunately not too bad, nothing broken, just dirt everywhere), replanted, put the plants back on the windowsill cause i figure it's a freak gust of wind, right? anyway i check the latch, the frame has settled and so the latch is basically decorative. think to myself, "i'll get a new latch or some ducttape or something, fix 'er right up on the weekend." two days later, exact same thing happens, only at two in the morning. this time the pots break, and one happens to land right in the pan of granola bars i left out to cool. mmm, sticks and twigs and DIRT. yum.

longstoryshort i need to buy more seeds, soil, and pots. i lurve the salvation army for cheapflower pots or random one dollar tcotchkes refigured into flowerpots.

-supersecret mother's day gift for stepmother. yep, i'm workin on one. and that's all i can say. i might make another supersecret mother's day gift (hereafter referred to as SSMDG) for the grandmother. however there is far more waiting around in car repair shop time than sewing machine time in the immediate future. maybe i can make some progress on that friggin sweater.

-lined zippered pouches: yep
so. the green-pink one (not the one with the watermelons, the other pink-green one) and the blue one are both lined with cut-up old shower curtain. i had no idea how the vinyl would work with the machine but things seemed to go okay. however, a needle will rip vinyl, especially if you've got a lead foot. i really don't know how waterproof the lined ones are per se, but i imagined they'd do if your toothpaste exploded inside your backpack. oh, these were all made with the tutorial linked below, which is a very good one, as far as Craftster tutorials go. i like how in all her pictures she tries to show the right and wrong sides of the fabric. very handy, that.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger ErLeCa said...

Nice zippered bags, very cute. Sorry about your potted seeds. Isn't that just a bitch?

Hopefully in the near future (I can't believe how packed my weekends are since I've gotten back) I'll be able to make a meetup and see you and all the fun stuff you've been working on!

At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where the hell are you? You haven't updated your blog and I haven't seen you at the Armory knitting? We all miss you - Diana


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