23 April 2005

incessant organization

Lots of things in the works or in the brain. Trying to get them organized.
-Started a new swatch for the lace sweater from "Knitter's Stash." Found some Lion Brand Microfiber--the color selection isn't that great but the yarn is soft and cheap and works up to gauge. Yippers. I picked black, can't go wrong with that. Pics once I get more done than two measly pattern repeats on the sleeve.
- Lined zippered pouches from Craftster. I've made about a dozen of these and I am addicted. Just bought a bunch more zippers in fact. Wicked easy and good practice for zipper-sewing. I have a crappy old shower curtain liner I'm gonna cut up and use as the lining, if possible...instant ditty bag. Not sure how the sewing machine will take to vinyl. Pics also soon.
- Granola bars. Been meaning to make those things. Someday! All that healthy junk is sitting there on the counter, waiting to be combined. Heh.
- Bought a McCall's pattern on sale the other day...tote bag and other sundry carriers. Pattern calls for fat quarters but I think I'll try it with solids. Mostly I wanted just a tote bag pattern as I was having trouble figuring out the ones on Craftster.
-Want to try the Craftgrrl el cheapo grande screenprinting someday. Someday!
-The Village Knittiot has a very cool writing exercise up on her blog. Bookmark it!


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