24 April 2005

in which our heroine curses at photoshop. repeatedly.

well, i came up with a header. took the photo and everything. here's the alternate...i just didn't feel like fighting with html any more, not to mention photoshop. indesign , and to a lesser extent, illustrator, are so intuitive to me, but not photoshop. so that's why it's all font, no effects.
vote in the comments, if you want (if anyone is reading this!)


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Hey, it's Elizabeth from the knitting meetup group. Your blog is lovely. The picture with the sewing machine is so super-bitchin'. It makes me want to make stuff. I've actually been knitting as I've been reading (not a big surprise). I think the banner you ended up with is very nice, tho' - clean, simple. But I think you should use the sewing machine pic as a button, which I can use to link to your blog from... uhm... my crappy old board? My hideous ancient website? Maybe I should start a blog, just so I can give shoutouts to sites I like...


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